HOPE -- When it comes to producing top-quality pool tables, Imperial Billiards has continually run the table for more than 40 years.

From its inconspicuous factory located at 2 Sandy Lane in the rural township, the small privately-owned company constantly takes the concept of always giving customers what they want to its most literal level.

"Not only do we sell you table, we make the table by hand and deliver the table. That doesn't happen much in the U.S. anymore," said Tony DeFillippis, a Washington Borough resident who co-owns the primarily two-man operation with Val Vindici of Newton. "We try to make everything to fit the people's tastes."

Each table is personally hand-crafted by DeFillippis and Vindici, with the occasional assistance of a third person. DeFillippis said the limited number of hands involved in the manufacturing process ensures the highest level of quality control.

Depending on the type of pool table being sought by a customer, DeFillippis and Vindici may need as little as one day to as long as two weeks to manufacture it.

Imperial Billiards
2 Sandy Lane
Hardwick, NJ 07825